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I like the game but i accept this Exactly. Its not a problem its just how game work people need up getting better you gotta except change They should make another version of this game where you could play season 1-5 again Dawg sweats existed in season 1 to.

old Scar sound Wish we could go back to when the game was at its best fortnite 30 seconds in:I am bad At the end of the game:32 kills If I put my gameplay 2 years ago I would have literally won every game When you spent half of your game just looting and still drop 32 kills Him : casually gets a 36 kill game while eating 250m Headshot on season 2 was lame 150m headshot on season 11 is like lets goooooo im god that wasss cleeean!!.

I started in 4 and it was fun mostly because playground and 50v50. Dont talk about my clip when i was 11 And i did that Id sing this song as a joke and default dance its not something you wanna see Pickle Planet its not that old but it sucks now so this was the good old days for meš Wtf how did you guess bro give this man reward or something Same.

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