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Bro use to be so good at pushing by himself damn times have changed. brings old memories? Nah. Maybe Ill start playing again I miss this so much. 5x12 is way over a mil, work, when he was called fortniteHyper I like how at the beginning of this website he said im dead This was the time when fortnite was a playable and fun game, a while back he bought a high quality mic and used it and everyone in the comments asked him to go back to his lower quality mic Crazycut he uses it bc his fans didnt like the new mic H20delirious ALL THE WAYYYYY LOVE THAT MAN Your all right dark fortnite they all sound the same 20K SUBS WITH NO website CHALLENGE nuh Remember fortnitehyper reacted to this lol I swear thats a line out of winnie the pooh lol Powerful quotes can come from anywhere No one said life was over.

Im not a fan of him but yea his rap was awesome not better than fabvl and delirous James Eaton there ones were dumb bro cdnthe3rd was way better specially fabvl basically said the same thing I didnt mean to it said it didnt send I actually think fortnite and Dakotaz Had the best XxShadowxX Gaming fortnite had a great part to!!.

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