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Who else misses the graphics of the old game I am glad i had enough fun back in the days season 1-3. Today is the 4 year anniversary of this website being posted. The fact that this came out on my birthday is cool Only people who feel the nostalgia when listening to this can like this Like if this one is better than round 2 1 like 1 prayer for the OG factory Hi i.

My highest was 30 but I dont play fortnite anymore as it is boring I now play ROBLOX or valorant This gives me so much fucking nostalgia They all used to be noobs back then. On the top right section of the page, they made them for him This brings back so much memories this song is lengadery We all used to think this gameplay was top tierš I miss te okd time when every one plays this fore the fun and not to be a tryhard Who else never noticed that h20 delirious was in the song Wow 1 year ago already, I hope that one day I will meet you guys in real life.

Its not amazing or anything but what really brought it down was the sweats.

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