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Gabe the dog true but like fortnite married Season 1-3 like OG Season 4-10 comment Only people who remember the old dusty can like this dang so many likes I guess my gs from season 0 still here ;) Ok so look likes fortnite looks better well ima OG WHERE THEY AT 1-3 like 4 and up commet Lets play a game The last digit of likes is ur fortnight player 0.

It was just an amazing time of life Todos conocen a king, everybody would still be insane at the game, C, but crappy story line. Different time in my life where I could play this game all day with three mate and if one went off we always had one to cover cos everyone was on this game Then you had that random shot that would do 5 damage First battle royale game i played and it was so entertaining.

Im a fortnite kid and i know this banger soooooo. My personal favorites were 2 and 3.

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