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The escapers Im not a teenager so you just swor to a young girl who is just making sure everyone is fine with their grammar,Im sorry if I upset you. Nerd out and h20 delirious now man it would be really awesome if jt and dan was here but hay this was good no awesome nerd on nerdout Re-Listening to this because its soooo good!!!. I would get hyped when I got 1 kill by bush camping I get hyped only when I drop 78 bombs in solo double squads Yeh cuz thats the highest kill i could get before Get hyped when you get a kill back then aaa understandable, who doesnt, or 10 nevermind, because this good time in Fortnites history left us quickly :( Intellectual CheatCodes my guy you cant even spellš This is the only fortnite I remember, hahaha.

Fortnite is quite fun and if they actually play it then they wont hate it. The game was a lot more fun Yeah I remember when I was a noob now pro Yeah season 1 was awesome and 2 3 it was getting toxic in 4 and so on Sam Gautreau yeah, a decent player with a mouse and keyboard could easily take out a good player on console plus all the good players you see on PlayStation are using mouse and keyboard anyway (PS4 has mouse and keyboard support on fortnite) dont know about Xbox though When your going for high kill games such as this its not all about skill.

Cnd 3. Hes ranked first in global wins and eliminations Flappy Nugget 7 you are damn right.

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