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BOGAMI Sometimes I say some words from this song and then I get nostalgic THIS IS WHEN FORNITE WAS ACTUALLY FUN Came to this song when I was 10 now Im back to listen to this memory at age 14 Still remember the lyrics.

Jesus Christ died on a cross, thats the point of the game, and best thing is its there forever Dont said god decides when the earth ends and I hope it does not end Boroo tuve que traducirlo al espaol probablemente tu al ingles U watched someone play a website gameit wasnt that great Me too, keep it up, miss everything in this time?

I didnt know I was making memories A masterpiece ruined by competition and toxic players If you are watching this inhis flow was pretty fire in this too and I believe only h20 and ceez wrote their own lyrics It is your life Yeet Love that bit Its funny how these virgins make more money than your average minimum wage Yup thats me and we have you the guy who always has to hate on people who like a game thats making tons of money and the people who are playing it are making tons of money bottom line.

the game was OG and calming! Remember when the comments use to say fortnite verse was fire tho This corona virus thing is getting really outta control if I really came back to this CDNThe3rd dakotaz and fortnite the best All jokes aside Im not saying Delirious but its probably CDN or Dakotaz This was when I was scared to shoot and would only when they shoot me!

at least everyone can agree that its somewhat better then that animated music website called dance on your body I honestly hate to be that guy but?

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