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Ah I remember memorizing this whole thing I love the fortnite rap battle its so awsome and I listen to it every night and morning. Definitely the more musically one of the bunch 1 CDN 2 FAB 3 Dakotaz 4 angel 5 fortnite You were the best I always fast forward it to your part FABVL 1111111111 YEE you are the best OP m8 Ur part is the best ננננ נננ FabvL I love how you worked on Fortnite Fortnite lets go All night all night for sho FabvL you sound so get well done in your part for this song FabvL nerdout didnt even give u a shoutout thats just rude man Justin Mertinat musically isnt a word lol ALWAYS SNIPE U KNOW ME HEAR DAT נ cause am coming for the trophie.

When fortnite was good Thanos was right in season 4 the end is near H20 delirious was amazing in the song thats how I play Dear Season 10, of too much nostalgia every time im here fortnite had the coldest bar in history ZADEN GIGNAC No please i hope they dont go down to that level I remember Dusty played since I think season 1 I dont remember when I started playing but I remember playing during season 2 There are literally the exact same factories at the dj yonder thing Vastwolfy Pro-Gamer gtfo only people who remember when there was one shield pot I remember i got killed by someone with a pistol when I had an ar נ THIS IS DOPE, this brings back memories נננ I remember listening to this when I was 8 now im 14, dawg, FABVL did great, its so sad the max damage shotgun these days cant even one shot unless you charge it Did the grey pump actually do 220 headshot(insane) When you could carry more than 13 rocket ammo, Dakotaz flow wasnt good.

Yeah I dunno why I went so toxic but obviously old Fortnite was better, Call Me Black Widow Baby. I almost dropped a 30 bomb once Just needed 29 more kills fortnite was so ahead of the game here.

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