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Startghost por favor quiero ver una partida de lolito vs fortnite Startghost dont speak a different language on someones channel where the websiter is english I See all these comments from people who came back after YEARS just to get a small piece of this feeling from the good old times. Lane garber same but I miss this Same but know I can get 20 kills every game lol Well he is rapping about bush camping xd I dont know about u but H2O delirious is the Best Cdnthe3rd is the only one who can actually rap Sage Draper I subbed and thx for liking my reply Sage Draper what are you saying hes h20delirious the best Here reliving the good old days of fortnite when everyone didnt sweat When I first started I boxed my self up thinking it will help me from dying from the storm I miss listening to this for the first time and playing fort in season 3, a person of intellect.

Back when the game was actually good Seeing fortnite pull out that brownie made my day Mannn seeing that purple tac brings back so many memories This website is a certified hood classic Who is watching this because we miss the old fortnite I remember when fortnite first blew up, or asks them for individual data. They cant remove the plumbing of the sink and expect it to still work Why do these comments bring the saddest to us CDNthe3rd:REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!.

This game will never be the same I remember making fun DKs part of the song. How might you report unseemly contact between my kid and another player!

fortnite was so ahead of his time This keeps coming up on my recommendations.

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