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Look at the chart, I knew fortnite was my destiny. It takes less then 5 games to win in fortnite? 350k a month just off of twitch subs He rreally does make that much basically lmao Nicholas Lakatosh haha you lost so bad ma man Not just a legend a sellout legend­ Actually, fortnite was literally so much fun to play.

You press space or x on playstation­ I cant figure out how to duck or build those things so quickkk Press Spacebar if youre on PC, I mainly play creative now Morphine Launcher it is fun but its just not nostalgic anymore CJ DJ how sweats are taking people down And not fucking sweating their ass off like hell I only play Fortnite if Lazarbeam has a new challenge I played it in season 3 And i find it fun the same, and it is a rap battle so itd make sense if they wrote their own lyrics. Omg those were the days.

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