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More than an awesome player, he had a grey pump and did a 220 headshot nowadays that would be like max 120 fortnite: gets 32 kills 3 years later Fresh: gets 50 kills in his thanos website, sem construes absurdas? So he killed 18 of the last 24. I would get hyped when I got 1 kill by bush camping I get hyped only when I drop 78 bombs in solo double squads Yeh cuz thats the highest kill i could get before Get hyped when you get a kill back then aaa understandable, the songs actually pretty good, Jesus is always there for you no matter what, I miss how the game sounded without all the extra shit in the background all game its really hard to explain it Grey pump doing 220 in the head while the grey pump now does no more than 135 in the head Yeah its nostalgic but there are people with these cringe comments like Fortnite is their life or something lol --- It used to be such an good game, theres no proof that I have a miserable life,in fact I have a good life JR__ PRO GAMER Cr PRO PLAYER Season 6 is lokiey Kjartan orri no I wasnt wandering I already knew it it was.

He killed a quarter of everyone playing Damn fortnite was so much cooler back in the day Who was expecting him to start swimming when he went into the water I am in no tilted no loot lake no bolt no semi no grey pump no blue rpg Like si eres espaol y crees q fortnite es el puto amo Rest In Peace purple tac I would love to see him with a controller?

It will probs run on max settings on android tbh lmao Fortnite Mobile isnt that bad, igual puede que lolito le gane 1 o 2 pvp pero fortnite ya habra ganado como 5 jaajajj Startghost lolito tiene una partida con 34 kills CreeperCraft 1221 y las kill de fortnite fueron todos bazookas unas 25 kill fue con bazooka.

We will never forget these legendary memories.

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