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I liked everyone especially Dakotas fortnite and angelmelly Ahh I liked angelmelly part its Was pretty nice Her last 2 or 3 sentences were I think her oart was great she was great but my favorite was fabvl They shouldve put myth.

I wont judge Minecraft nostalgia is better than this non sense song, TIME REALLY FLIES BY, or you want to change it for exploring the other facets of the gameyou always have an option to make amendments to your character, He was the best Auto tune to the max tho so not really Royal Rumble King Fortnite Fortnite lets go I get it all night night for show Deadly Frost269 dude he was savage with that Bush tho like daaaam Deadly Frost269 Same, but we can do what we want We probably wont but in a stream a week or so ago fortnite said he wanted the old map back.

TheFakeBrain 133 in my opiniom is dakotaz why did you remind me The nostalgia of playing without tryhards and i feel that too. a noob is a player who buys useless shi in cringe games and is so bad that heshe wont even get 1 kill. I was an og but now thats over since the game is so ruined that it cant go back I played when battle Royale first released (had save the world) and now when I look back on what I use to play with my friends at year 7 (year 10 now)I cant help but tear up-so many beautiful memories.

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