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Im good at it. Hey wie gehts bist du gut in fortnite Spielst du auf ps4 adde mich heiĆe vivekdestroyer19 Sharan Kumar add du mich pls heiĆe KAY-1980 Fortnite Kingdom im a fan of both but I have ps4 so no PUBG Ernesto Castaneda LoL same š no pubg but my dad looks at š all day In fortnite i at least have a chance to try out guns,in pubg I die instantly without even shooting them :D Theyre two completely different type of games.

And I got hyped over an 11 kill game 2:26 did i just see a 220 with a white pump Lmfao i was complimenting u. Ram doesnt mean shit for phones as much anyways, are these skins the Loopers. When I first watched this website, when crapnite was actually fun. fortnite recent vid only got 200k views lmaaaaaaooooooooooo I dont know but I still play like this I mean I dont build too much, the human hand cannot make precise enough movements on such small a range of motion, pero lo importante fueron todos los buenos momentos que nos dejo.

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