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fortnite has moved onto valorant still one of the best but it will never be the same Make turbo build delay in the game so people dont build a skyscraper I hope I never get into a game with you!! Elliott CJ bro, die meisten von fortnite waren mit Raketenwerfer Now that you said that bare people are gonna get offended­­­ His shots succeeded faster than the falcon heavy The game knew the person was fucked either way so the game was like meh Ma3n Sa lmfao u missing a chromosome tfs Yeah the good times back in 11th grade Still his reaction actually pisses me off ­ It seems like it meant nothing to him imo Yes the problem is that he barely even flinched when he recieved 100, average guns.

I really miss the old fortnite and old mapÔ My routine back then: 1. He makes it look worth his time fortnite is good at pubg to, and honestly.

E tao bom ve o fortnite jogando fortnite de novo Ô Please continue the fortnite content, a sweat would build a 2 by 1 and lazer you Bro I listened to this so long ago and remembered it and I still know the lyrics YH I DO I RLLY WISH THE OLD FORTNITE WAS BACK ­­ Yep.

If you are talking about fortnite then its like 6 years old if you count the closed beta Season1­ Season2Ô´Ş­­ Season3­ Season4­ Season5­ Season6­ Season7­ Season8­ I starten since end of season 1 I stopped at the end of season 6.

(sometimes but so rare i play with friends on computer) We could still have this enjoyment without ppl like you Idk man I miss Kylix highlights from chap2 season 2 Ill do anything to get these times back Basically back then fortnite was not a sweat fest and it was awesome to win a match and have fun and troll people but now its a SWEATFEST and everytime you wanna have fun a soccer skin or superhero skin comes outta nowhere and wrecks you, I always panik and then I dont know what to do and die Jasmin Erdbeerk├se exactly what I do Haha When u realize he makes millions of dollars and would be perfectly ok with having that waste of time that works for entertainment ManTV99 Studios what if you have 2 wins XD He aint even the best though, guess i thought it became more of a cash grab day by day.

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