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BlendedGhost Also if your comment is true and that everyone has this amazing aim assist on console. Neither is anyone else that walks upon this earth, and no ai Yall wanted the new map in chapter 1 then in chapter 2 you want the old map because of the sweats even epic bring back the old map the sweats will be there and just ACCEPT EVERYONE GOT BETTER AT EVERY GAME just accept it, it was a Alexa which means we could just yell ג ALEXA PLAY FORTNITE RAP BATTLEג from the bannister and it would pick up This song is as bad as ur dnf gvb gb Bro i see you in every comment wtf נ I Hit Clipz cdn was the best out of alllll of them TrendEnd _ come on delirious was fucking sick נ Love the guy but his part was kinda disapointing 4 me, but also makes me laugh cuz I cant believe we were singing this for our school talent show LMAO Greasy Grove,Tilted Towers,Lucky Landing.

When we all thought the meteor would hit Tilted. Unless they remove turbo building and put a small material cap, like seriously. I do like season 2 so far hopefully it stays good That nostalgia really be kicking in bro I miss the old days if yall wanna play my gamer tag is TaZe Moth on Xbox Just bought chapter 2 bp yesterday day It was honestly the best game that has ever been released but now its just sooo trash and fuckng sweaty Lil chrischii ik i play on pc and i cant Even breath without getting tryharded on ננ Sypherpk should of been the trapper myth should of been the builder Bruh nerdouts גbarsג were the biggest stretch of this generational world Had to have deliriouss famous laugh in it lol Who else started crying when you see this (old moments) ננ גHold up everybody be quite, in Italian canale means channel Miss this game.

When you think players 10 months ago were good smh Sergi0Vega the console doesnt do much if you consider us PC players can easily land hitfire shots Navid Shabani At least Ill still think faster than you ever will נ Exactly I miss that dont youננננננננננננננננננננננננננננגגננננננננננננננננננננננננננ Navid Shabani just leave me tf alone already Raylanator Minecraft just cause someone a long time ago could aim better than you can now,doesnt mean that the pump is trash Lynn Lynn I pumped a guy for 1 and then 2 and then 18 and then 40 and then 40 and he died after that, thats nostalgia clouding your memory there.

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