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Theexpendable 859 or probably J E S U S Theexpendable 859 no I disliked because only kids who dont play sports or do anything like this song I actually disliked this because its a bad song but oh well I just a salty pubg player Manuel Hernandez nope pubg is a copy of h1z1 because first fortnite was supposed to be a zombie survival to build bases and survive (2011) then they made battle royale mode because the zombie mode was not that famous so they rebooted the zombie mode in the new fortnite, I just wanted to help.

DevilShip They removed them from competitive because the pros wanted them to be gone. P entertainment R. I miss old Fortnite and tilted towers :( Tilted Towers one of the best place to land­ I got 34 no cap I got 34 kills NO CAP 3 years later and now fortnite is fucked up.

Great times. I killed a whole squad on mobile but I as solo and I only build 3 Ramps with a gray at and green tac Yo bcc what ever happened to other games like can u do apex Instead of fortnite BCC Trolling I was just watching your new proximity launcher website 3 Ali-A some of them are older than you Hello people of and hello mr fortnite clip clickbaiter Valdemar ├ůkenes no red arcade is better but mk Young gods my fav is h20delerious i watch him all time BCC Trolling you steal tricks from orange guy BCC Trolling omg bcc I love your channel Im subbed BCC Trolling does look great ­ next season cool ­ game play it This song has more views then pewdiepie has subscribers Young gods that are now deceased boomers that cant get with the times of Minecraft BCC Trolling wow u responded to this vid nice Yo it is BCC the ones that always heart people that says Use code BCC in the item shop Didnt know you ever commented with this account.

Bwahahaha DeliriousNation This weird when people see a famous website they a span comment but they didnt dont worry Im fan Halocene that was cool u just activated my trap card.

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