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Ahora todo cambio Fortnite Yano es el mismo juego de antes parece gta v con millones de nios ratas I remember there was a cone trick to build across loot lake in season 2 or 3 10 minis in inventory.

Great job fortnite fortnite is so chill. But yes, I was like what is this but I miss season 2 and 3 I like season 3 because you didnt get killed by season 1 sweaty try hards that have no life Steven P. I shoot one shot at someone and then they start building for 5 minutes so i just stand there like More like the leaning tower of piza but not leaning You mean people got better at the game and realized if they built a wall and ramp they wouldnt get shot anymore You trying to hard to sound cool buddy Im a gay femboy that loves cuuummm_ Im not an internet gangster its just that his comment was unnecessary and I wanted to shut him up.

but my favorite was Dancing on you body fortnite verse is gonna be the first thing i year in If u play this at exactly 11:56:37 at exactly midnight fortnite will start rapping 131,809,690 views, Its VR I know. Joe La banane le fr qui c pas parler anglais mdr Lo so che sei Italiano?

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