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I dedicated my life to this delicate craft, its whatever, when cant do it yourself. Yh man I use to listen to this all the time The you just activated my trap card gave me yu-gi-oh vibes Im elite baby dont you see the outfit. Mans spent more time typing this then he made homework in his whole life FootballisLife kiddo the game was fucking great at season 4 it whent downhill from season 9 Really agree wish they could go back to the old days I only searched this up for the memories and thats why I play a lot of gta 5 now too B4T5 cap season 4 was the best season Bro if you think im gonna sit here and read a whole paragraph.

Ima faint I stopped playing a year and a half ago but I still remember this. The best you can get with nowadays common pump is something like 150. Blue Striker there was 50 v 50 and also the graphics where better they had more Shadow and shit like that This is till fire after nearly 4 years Less than a months and this masterpice is 4 years old Bout to rehearse this whole song and sing it to my friends tomorrow at school LETS BE HONEST THIS SONG WAS A BOP­­­­ Omg, when there were Grenade Launchers, prime fortnite was garbagr Idk about bo3 ngl that game wasnt so popular It actually was.

BoxInTheJack console is easier because of control and you guys have aim assist Sergio Garcia he would still be good on console due to his knowledge of the game and dont forget that he was a pro halo player so he is obviously used to a controller Controller is easier if you ask me lol Sergio Garcia aim assist is put in place to make it easier, but thanks!.

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