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Miss the old times, now Im watching 3 years later and the nostalgia came back, but they did good this season ngl I miss the old Fortnite days ­­ Jocul care mi-a marcat copilaria, but fotnite is never changing back to what it was before This might be the new creeper aw man in a couple of years Yeah but the old days were so much better NAH BOR TFFF YOU MEAN BRUH OLD FORTNITE IS WACK AFFFFFFF BRUH Its not its a lot better than these days of fortnite, mostly dusty divot or the best update ever aka the racetrack.

SiahTheMessiah well that hit pretty hard­­ 1000 subs with no vids I thought I was the only one Mathius Alejandro tu qu├ haces aqu├ esto est├ en ingles Bryan Johnson jajaja se ingles y no ha dicho gran cosa solo como soy el puto amo me cago en todo etc jajaja traducido mas o menos La camara no alcanza a enfocar las manos Waw porque tus website son pura skill. Refreshes consistently streak on screen specifying how another player was killed X killed Y with an explosive, now they are! ScaryTerry know that there are alot more terrible players on ps4 or console, season 5 with turbo build was the downhill Not really turbo building has been in the game since season 2 or 3 Turbo build come in season 4 but the people was so slow, you are biased WafflNChewyNannas sometimes games can get boring Wow I never realized thank you for pointing that out The Gaming Dragon hes good because he played pubg and h1z1 and he plays website games because of his dad Nah hes good at it cuz he can play as much as he wants.

I used to be so happy to come home from 7th grade to play fortnite, it was so fun for the first few weeks since games were unpredictable and exciting! he should be making a lot more, the real nostalgia is Minecraft sweden Lol they doing drug they got dat pot ­­­­­ 500subswithno website pretty much fortnite now I still listen to this song because its fire and reminds me of the good days before skill based matchmaking Miles Nowicki youre the one watching a Fortnite website I went on this to laugh at the cringe that is on this website.

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