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My only mision is making fornite funny again I remember when my friend (or a random person dont know) had my card and there was a reboot in the storm I told him not risk it but he didnt listen. Nick Vasco I am disgusted too, it was so fun for the first few weeks since games were unpredictable and exciting. I would do anything to go back to season 3 Ur just mad u cant come up with a comment that got 1. When the burst was actually good and fun Yeh I agree with the sounds and the map like these days fortnite are trying to make the game too futuristic Too bad u didnt see the old fortnite.

Memories were really made on fortnite back then I remember when this first come out, but the current Fortnite isnt crap, its so sad the max damage shotgun these days cant even one shot unless you charge it Did the grey pump actually do 220 headshot(insane) When you could carry more than 13 rocket ammo.

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