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The escapers Im not a teenager so you just swor to a young girl who is just making sure everyone is fine with their grammar,Im sorry if I upset you. Walks through an open field Gets sniped at the back Hello darkness my old friend. 2x speed h20 delirious is still the best At least delirious didnt use his toaster in this (Cdnthe3rd 0:00) (dakotaz 0:51) (fabvl 1:11 )(nerdoutmusic 1:31) (halocene 1:51) (h2o delirious 2:12) (angelmelly 3:01) ( fortnite 3:22) H20 got me dying but cdnthe3rd and Dakotaz and fortnite was Coming back 2 yrs later cuz of coronavirus and its still heat I loved the halocene really much and then comes the cdn3rd cuz he raps sometimes and liked that part.

Dont take the fact! Part seriously CDNThe3rd your part was the best by far Triggered trash kids when they salt is increased, best place to hide from enemies Finds all 100 players inside builds a 5. Malicious Cheese same here. Jailson my favorites H2o Delirious. Easy kills.

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