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Tiger Li So it says my best snipe is 59. Who watching this website at October Look at The Game of The german ytber redsama No kegy did its a german websiter and he had a product placement so hes the father of fortnite lol Nicole McKenna youre not better at lying than anyone. Not really but oooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk WhosNastyFox Nice to see you here๐๐ I like cdn fortnite and myth the most Even though the fortnite community is toxic, THANK U El NOOBIS the day this came out I downloaded it so happy one year for me Ahh the good fortnite ๐๐๐๐๐ Older than the whole fortnite fanbase Rob M but they changed it so drastically that its basically a new game Oh yeah everything was better,weapons,community?

Bro this game dead everyone going to COD COD is the game Fanbase is complete garbo, fortnite about to be 30, watching this website almost made me cry i wish i could go back in time and just be happy Dude I feel u,I used to enjoy this game like no other but they just kind ruind the game I stoped playing like 2 weeks ago I just miss the old times ๐๐๐๐๐ Dude the nostalgia from this song forget season 1 this song really gave me the chills from season 3 ๐ NOOO the nostalgia man i wish time stayed longer.

I had 7 kill and all my other friends together had 30 Holy fuck this argument lasted a whole month haha Gabriel Nodal I dont anymore I cant stand the sweats And this was 8 months ago. LOL this dude is literally a legend, Minecraft has more active players than Fortnite right now Wow chapter 3 season one and Im still listening I would anything to go back to these days, it was a new game of course.

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