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i miss also shifty shafts it was my main landing spot always landing there. Ah the good old days you know why i think everyone misses fortnite becasue everyone started playing this game in the summer of and it was so chill just a great place for you to play with friends and just have fun the whole day thats the element of the game everyone misses epic was lucky that fortnite gained populatiry in the summer Y pensar que el no era un pro sino que los otros estaban empezado a jugar 25.

This was when Fortnite was actually fun and there were not many sweats You love to see how a gray pump does 220 head shots I can imagine that second to last guys point of view in that fight I used to always play solo squads season 3. What a awesome song. bringing back a poi doesnt help the fact that there are sweats It increased by 1 mill only in a week The game is garbage now, they ruined it Depends on what you count as og if you ask me its season 3 and before I was an og but I dont play fort anymore I started season 2 but played a lot in season 4 is that og because season is when a lot of people started playing Now we have a stream come in and say a big hello Probably at this point.

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