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fortnite (my opinion) FabVL and Deliriousāļøāļøāļø Was it just me who used to vibe to these songs with my friends as a kid What a banger and who is still watching after 2 years cause they miss old fortnite RIP.

And you arent even a korean. fortnite 5. This mediocre game has over a million ppl competing every week in cash cups and thats only in Europe if we add all the other regions the number go way too high and thats only for the weekly cash cups imagine in the bigger tournaments Im pretty sure they dont play competitive 12 hours a day just because their friends also play You literally earlier said that popularity doesnt mean quality.

H2ODelirious can i add you as a friend on fortnight:) plz š I want to play with you on Xbox one my names : Real JBizzle Love your vidz so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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