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I feel like if they brought back og sounds and got rid of all the ai, for all of the ppl in the rap aswell and the world š Its just a different game now lmao in all these clips you see no one doing try hard building it was just fun when all people knew how to build was a ramp and a wall but now i just get shit on jumping out of the fucking bus xD All the āprosā crying about everything and the developers trying so hard to satisfy them is a big part of what destroyed the game, get me back to right now.

I cant do anything, if you are able to execute the moves properly. Not lying bro Its Spidey-Man69 and my ps is Supreshot (btw if we play my english is so bad dont mind it) I swear someone in the back of my class and me started singing it. ;p Niclas Matthia Except for Dota 2š Jose Salazar koreans best of the most of game :D thats whats up with koreans Niclas Matthia not that great at fps games most of the time its mobas lol Your race doesnt determine your skill. Maybe not for the rest of you all.

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