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When you get good you get victorys more often. Exactly I played 1 day after release TricksterVas its not him lol it even says fortnite Kurayami he means that the Daquan abused it more than fortnite Good thing they patched it was so fun using it and destroying but tbh its way to op Kurayami he says it doesnt matter.

Can confirm it sucks shit and old fortnite is leagues ahead of it in every single possible way In my very correct opinion that most people who played season 0-4 agree with yes Opinions cant be correct. season 3 was the bomb. Why take moisty mire, assuming that you consider it unseemly, so I can finally challenge a worthy enemy I wish these times can come back when this game was easy Watching this during season ten makes me realize how much better it was during the first few seasons Man I miss the good old Fortnite.

Dab on it The graphics on my PC is very good but I keep lagging What 60 FPS its beginners gaming FPS he must have 240 FPS which means at least 2 1080TI Chris Rohan bruh I get 240fps with epic settings and I have a GTX 1060 Bbymin Cuz u have bad pc I just bought an Xbox X, please explain me how in the world Fortnite is pay to win.

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