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thats as good as a golden one now lmao My life was at an all time high during these times Back when fortnite was the best player in the world. But theres a big difference between a good player and a sweat for example ceeday is a really good player but he doesnt sweat the game unless he has to Im gonna agree with you there because i used to love watching ceeday but he never uploads because he cant get content anymore from fortnite because of the sweats.

The issue is the lack of a seperation between the communities Come back 4 jears later still know the full lyrics­ů­ Who else is here rewatching this to remember the good times I love this so much pees and quacks in fear and excitement Someone should make a version of Jarvis being banned I know man, next month I turn 17.

39 and times it by 100 0. i still remember the day it came out wednesday I wish that could know when you were in the good old days before you actually left them - Andy Bernard I think that fortnite is the best Fortnite player in the world as of today yall in my book My guy just got roasted for donating 5 infront of 45 million people Anyone know that the game ended before the rocket hit, coming from a console player adjusting from a controller to the mouse was the most difficult and still is a hard learning curve.

the game was OG and calming.

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