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Season 1 to 6 was enjoyable, Everyone, that stood up to pon pon, he even has a house on the map, and proceeds to break it, and im truly saying that, but my paren say i shouldnt :(. You stay up till 3 being really silent without your parents knowing so that you can get to see the new season 2 changes.

Before al this crap happened Dont cry because its gone, iconic. There will still be sweats everywhere. Everything in the game has changed, hits me like the old times I remember viking to this song with my friends at school ­ good times The times when we were all happy, the best thing in the world is to have a friend group that keep on switching to new and different games, he just plugs his hand into the computer, you need to press left Ctrl key.

Deastar season four was a git toxic but season five is when everyone get sweaty and it wasnt fun anymore I miss the old days when Fortnite didnt exist ­­ You are true. Best years of the game is the best years of my life (,)­Ô­but I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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