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Best player of the world. Thank you fortnite for making amazing content. This mediocre game has over a million ppl competing every week in cash cups and thats only in Europe if we add all the other regions the number go way too high and thats only for the weekly cash cups imagine in the bigger tournaments Im pretty sure they dont play competitive 12 hours a day just because their friends also play You literally earlier said that popularity doesnt mean quality.

Elijah Rodbaugh yeah i can assure you the 34 of the fortnite community that doesnt bash pubg isnt toxic, fortnite is season 3 I miss this so much I wish I could go back when no one was good including me and you could just laugh when you died and join a new game I miss playin with my cousins Damn this was 3 years ago today time flys Used to jus play fortnite wth my pals after school, drift.

I remember this so well, but there will still be sweats who crank and try hard. Coming back to this after years put a smile on my face but also makes me miss these times I still remember back when I had the dream of becoming a professional streamer like fortnite. NerdOut.

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