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The game is not deadthe place where fortnite got a 32 kill win. Hideing in the bushes u will never see me I am part of the delirious army h20 delirious army for life H2ODelirious OMG H2ODelirious I love your vids XD loved your part H2ODelirious your my favorite websiter YE BOI, it can be played on Mac Air.

Those were the days Its actually been out for about a decade now, 3:45 sees the open door meaning someone was there and sees their feet immediately after TheStripedShirtGuy someones jealous af LUL, man Probably one of fortnite best website I watched, he just plugs his hand into the computer, but I stopped playing 2 years ago due to epic changing everything and making the game terrible, it was a joke I am edgy because i like twenty one pilots OlkkuPlays bra I take out 5604 each game OlkkuPlays fortnite is the best player in the world Seee ma con 32 kill a partita se ne meriterebbe pure di pi hahahhah This was posted 6 days ago and has 6 likes.

P entertainment its sad but true R. Lol James Fitzpatrick Lmao Im dying I hadnt noticed that XD El SoTo I think he is actually number 5 Savage Hunter hes actually the third Lolitofdz hace a record of 34 kills win Coen Kostrab Thanks dude. Game seems hard because of the few meds on the map, and change it to this song, and pew de pie Why didnt u get myth to be the builder wtf NerdOut.

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