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I first started playing fortnite back in like season 2, I feel so nostalgic and just wish the old fortnite back. stormshield.

:thanksdoc:­­­­Ę It was the best game ever releasedÔ ­­­­ ugh I wish Fortnite was still like this Im still upset they removed tilted and all of the og locations, his script was bad. Gotta be real, looks like hes having fun Man it feel so good seeing fortnite enjoying i saw this on live stream dude im very happy that i was there and its like old fortnite is back Im so happy to see fortnite enjoying fortnite again Come back in season 7 please The good old days where fortnite would drop 25 kills landing at tilted I havent played Fortnite in so long Its so good just to see fortnite play fortnite again?

Back, that litterly NOBODY has ask for and when you outbuild those bots they do 2 things 1 turrtleling 2 drop down and destroy the builds so you die because of falling The one that was with the guy who was being sneaky Also you could look at the sub titles and you could see the name The team i like would be the sniper the trapper and the busher If youre here youre entitled to a veterans discount This song really motivates me to say racial slurs L love fortnut i bust to this every day BEST NERDOUT EVER also rip season 3 Like whoever played then IM ELITE BABY DONT YOU SEE THE OUTFIT ­­ It been 4 years and i quit fortnite but ima hop on now.

New comment cuz the last one was 8 months ago Ik no one cares but im the 500 comment RedTedSenior yey welcome to 10 MILLION COOL. I didnt say they wont be influenced I said they will try the game but if they wont like it they obviously wont keep playing just because of some websiters Yes they will, last weekend I got 6 wins in just 2 days and now winning is boring Still it was gunner when everyone was bad Still play Fortnite, you gotta play more Havent watched fortnite in more than a year.

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