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­ the graphics around these time made fortnite Respect to the people that still listen to this song Delirious was also really good and I cant forget about ceez fortnite was by far the best rapper and could honestly solo any human being hes so elite and top teir please have my babies Who thinks this is so much better then the second one Cdnthe3rd: 0:00 Dakotaz: 0:50 FABVL: 1:11 NerdOutMusic: 1:31 HaloCene: 1:51 H20 Delirious: 2:12 FABVL: 2:32 This came out when I was in 4th grade and I was either listening to Ransom or this lmao We can finally build sky-bases again.

You have multiple Roblox baconheads as your servants Hello world they are most of then are auto tunes Danky TheIdk_Honestly fabvl was autotuned alot doh Hello world ik true sorry i spelled wrong its mostly auto correct or o try to type fast Hard to believe its been over a year since this came out Ikr I remember the day it came out and as soon as it did I tried to learn the lyrics 1000 subscribers with no website Challenge part 1 is still better Yeah youre right lol, like you commenting on this So your ignoring on how much money it made how much ppl who played it in this game was fucking everywhere this game was on trending and still is it still gets alot of views on mixer and other platforms.

Computer doesnt matter what about all the other players in that game that were on computer Riptide1002 The record is 52. Symbols can likewise move moves, are only as good as a dead mans loot box where you take anything thats worth and dispose the rest of it I cant agree more with you it was such a fun time og fortnite now its just not the same I know its ok least save the world is still kinda old right cheer up buddy ­ You edited the comment to to get more likes­­ - the fact that your comment is 3 months ago ­­ How, just saying.

Hell go up to about 15 mil max. ­ Its awesome hearing H20 delirious rapping again and finishing it off with the famous HAHA We need to try and get all of these streamers back for one big stream Never thought delirious voice would so well in a rap song When this song dropped, now its just boring and no new updates :( I just came after the ocean event and got hit by a ton of nostalgia OMG H20 u didnt know he was a repper 3:00 : DUDE THAT BUILDING IS SO FAST.

For me they were the best when I was a lot younger and this game gave me so much satisfaction playing with my friends every time when I came back from school.

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