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I get nostalgia from it but you might not. fortnite Emerald cuz not everyone has 100 to donate and hes a decent person that can appreciate what people have Z0mbi3kill3r305 He means that sometimes he doesnt react to 100 and sometimes he overreacts to 8 Z0mbi3kill3r305 wow you really didnt understand this comment at all Because the 8 are real donation.

I dont care if you shit on this game now but lets be honest we all went through a fortnite phase and we loved this song I was the guy dakotas killed just noticed it Fortnite songs for me to listen to fortnite songs First ones to watch this website in the new year. Stop being toxic just cut it out.

I am the biggest fan ever can you give me a shout out you are so funny keep up the good work H2ODelirious your lines were the best Is that really If you laugh like a freaky clown Or just give smiley emoji H2ODelirious you are my favorite websiter H2ODelirious lol Ill pretend Im a noob so I can be famous H2ODelirious holy water I didnt know you were here H2ODelirious I got killed by a bush meant today I hope it wasnt your name H2ODelirious big fan but when u attack me with a bush Ill be ready H2ODelirious I love you and your website channel H2ODelirious you where the best now I will check every bush H2ODelirious I LOVE YOU Delirious I really liked your rap nice job man H2ODelirious i loveeeeeee ur vids do a face revel H2ODelirious will you kill me in fortnite H2ODelirious I killed you in a game once.

We miss the old fortnite the old fortnite and the good ol days That time fortnite was the best Fortnite player and everyone accept it Creative didnt kill the game. Alan Gajewski oh man i swear it need more humans like you on the earth.

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