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Myth is better in my opinion Lol I have 3 duos and I carried my team lol ManTV99 Studios i just started, not less than. Not that I didnt already know that.

It same its rare for me to get a kill I suck I celebrate when i dont accidently land in the water Honestly same lolo. Honestly such a great season Little boy Dedoid fr tho but it is dying because it took 2 minutes for a lobby to fill up for me and it had like around 7 bots or atleast I think the game is dying and is sad to see.

miss those days Rip old fortnite Guys it was a Nice time bot this was better yes but fortnite never dieeee The first thing he says is Im bad also, is how much darker it used to be compared to now!

Lmfao yeh ikr, and well, good job!, but, i was like what have they done to this beautiful game ,never played it again since then People get better at games stop crying Ay aint our fault that everyone sweat on the game now a days Fortnite is still awesome to me guys. You must of didnt pay much attention back then Hoffmania26 he was NEVER the best PUBG player.

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