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Stupid people doesnt make Kaitlyn impressed. Literally just now hit 4 years, but thanks!, I wish they I could time travel and go back to season 4. ­ EDIT: So is The Trapper she is a singer and doesnt play fortnite. Yafet cz I like it to its so­­­­­ X- SPEEDY np at least you know his laught Me And I miss the old season I started playing in season 3 on iPad but changed to pc since season 6 Me because the song is just real epic because of the OGns in it Kyle Seasman He was using his better mic.

Those times when fortnite was ovverated and now hes underrated I miss this season man s1,2,3 they where the greatest time God how much I wish I could go back to these days. Now these days theirs only 12 year olds who are very competitive.

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