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‚Hey, fortnite is bored out of his mind And he makes millions of dollars off of it by playing it 247 F Kaskar He was talking about GETTING GOOD AT THE GAME which anyone could if all they had to do every single day is play the fuckin game.

Lars Van veentje Thank you for stopping, ‚man I told you they talk about my snipes‚ You are the best sniper in fortnite ez Dakotaz funny thing is Snipes is my last name Im seriousūūū Damn dakotaz can rap man. back where there were common pumps and fortnite had brown hair I mean all of us were alive 2 years ago Oh yeah huh I didnt even think about that!.

If I did that, but sweats are probably found in every game Its still fun if you learn. Get home, 11k is all i get now I didnt know of him until season 6 so gonna have to disagree No im pretty sure the game made him more popular AdRevenue Pls he did not make the game popular the game made him popular Malicious Cheese actually that is wrong.

So annoying!.

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