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Its not my opinion, it sounded so funny ahah Bruh mixer is better but everybody is gonna say twitch you like beggar Thanks and you earn a subscriber which is me - Emh is play i iam sad I miss this times so much especially the early season of fortnite Damn miss these times when fortnite was the biggest and most famous fortnite player POV: You searched for fortnite old gameplay Damn I used to watch you everyday I came back from school Fortnite season 0-4 was the closest we had to world peace, youre the best No one talking about h20s verse followed with that laugh I remember how i clutched so hard with only revolver headshots in tilted back in season 2 I remember when this song came out i was singing this song while playing in the old days I remembered me and my squad always used to speak fortnite verse to get ourselves hyped up, your lossand soon, one of the best from Halo 3 EpicNess_ _Gamer and the best PUBG player Who watch this in and miss the old fortnite and hes dono music I remember og fortnite dont cry because it has ended, but we wouldnt have live events (that make sense) then!

If you cant see a game doesnt have to be good to be popular, these were the times, my from Brazilian Lumin Otryc lol da faq u talking about Everyone stop being so rude to that person. Sorry buddy im in chatper 2 season 3 Riffat Ishfaq keep it at 169 likes guys I mean i am winning like Every game and i suck at fortnite I quit in chapter 2. time CDNthe3rd for the win CDNThe3rd Delirious for the win DeliriousArmy Toito Gonzalez what is wrong with you Delirious for the win DeliriousArmy Camila Gonzalez no teddybeararmy ;) Yorochi 25 His part was no where near as good as Ceezes part Zx_N1tro I miss when Fortnite was like this Certified virgin if you knew the lyrics I remember I used to keep on singing this with ma best friend and he still remembers this me too That typical h20 laugh at the end of his part was just amazing CDN and Delirious were, good story but the updates, the reason i stopped watching fortnite was because he became family friendly When bolts had drop off damage on body shots The game was such a good game until fortnite changed his name then the game just went down I miss these times.

Its not like he wants to show off his bank account or what he is spending his money on.

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