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Gives me an upsetting amount of nostalgia Fortnite in its prime was the best game ever created IMO‚ it was truly magical Remember when the new season was the most exciting thing in the whole world After 3 years, everyone is always like ‚the game trash‚ no tf it aint u just dodo at the game LWD Paragons thats wrong. Time flys I watched this when it first came out and h20 delerious still has to be my favorite So much time since it got released yet still a banger Every nostalgic feeling I forgot from playing this game comes back when I hear this song ‚I wish there was a way you knew you were in the good old days before you left them.

He does those kills because he stays focused. I dont really play either, life was a gift. I can already tell that 6-7 years from now kids are going to start talking about this like how my generation talks about old minecraft.

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