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Alis highest kill score is 20 and fortnite is 32 bruh Test Monkey because he concentrates more on the game thats why he is the best fortnite player fortnite is alot better than ali-a for sure WolfBirdWarrior alia is not a god.

Cool battle pass, so glad hes back, so my english isnt perfect p. Just accept it Oh look, theyre not so related fortnite vocĂ Ă o melhor que joga fortnite vocĂ Ă muito bom parabĂns. And plus whats annoying is that people keep building fortresses on me when I shoot at them I just dont know why. Nerdout music This is my opinion Yeah exactly chapter2 season 2 is mint The game has gotten better. Getting your first win, people just need to adapt to the new skill level of players, and pew de pie Why didnt u get myth to be the builder wtf NerdOut, exactly 50 under the record.

But yeah the old seasons were nice.

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