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i droped out when i was third grade? He has a GF Confused Nigerian Geezer Funny thing is that hes married. Tbh, after 4 years and still remember this song With the new season of Fortnite dropping its nice seeing some of these guys come back explicitly referencing this song Life was so simple when this banger got released H20Delirious was my favorite partÔ´Ş­ Who comes back after 2 years still remembering all the lyrics I never realized how good these bars when this song came out Its and I miss the good old days when this game and life was just good Man i remember this was in hype i was on the playstation party whike playing fortnite i was listening to this on Spotify.

) I remember listening and trying to record this years ago. Ur not gonna be the next goddam bugha. Nice one but the real question is why were you even here if you hate fortnite Now pls if you got anything more to say say it so i could continue on my day and hang out with my bois  Milty  This again dont make us wait a damn year my guy Looks like you accpted defeat hope you learnd ur lesson I feel so old knowing this was 2 years ago I remember listening to this every time i played man the nostalgia I never watched him.

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