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Im here for the song, I have to say Delirious rap delivery sounds way the fuck different from his normal voice Dude I dont even know Fabvl and I think he did the best My favourite bit: Hold up, the outrage there would be today. Fast forward back, first was 2004-2012, fortnite is a new game today :( I almost shed a tear watching this the memories all came flowing back­ Games dead.

Ummm salty and dusty were all ways named Darwin The Snake They were a long time ago in early season 1 but very few people were playing then. U almost dropped a 30 bomb once, the last one alive wins, defaulty days ­ for me at least Those were the good times my guy. Hope youre doing well Tyler. Squall lol fortnite and all those websiters that play arent over that age at all and my friends too Ik right He should of took Nerdoutmusic part.

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