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Got Fortnite, its a website game with dancing bananas, its easy to go back to these times because it reminds us how special it really was. New comment cuz the last one was 8 months ago Ik no one cares but im the 500 comment RedTedSenior yey welcome to 10 MILLION COOL. I am the biggest fan of nerds. I remember the day this came out‚ I was having a birthday party at my house me and my friend were in my tree house and he says ‚bro have u heard the new fortnite song yet‚ it just came out today I feel like H20s verse is over looked a lot I remember the day when this came out, Ninja is rewarded as the ultimate king of the game.

Had a blast singing this one. Address your kid about undesirable contact and guide them on the off chance that somebody addresses them in a terrible or unseemly manner, and you would get so excited and feel so good when you managed to kill someone while in a Bush. But he uses his old one when he plays games?

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