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evrything was abt fortnite. Amir adam dude r u blind fortnite had 32 kills Imagine they give us neo tilted or smt like that that would hurt man Electric Gaming go do a 360 in a golf cart and go in a rift as drift Electric Gaming sorry season 666 its awesome Electric Gaming session five ayyyyyyyyyyye add me Electric Gaming yes I am Im level 79 Electric Gaming yep I heard about this and Im like he dies wth William Davies so why do u watch dis website Electric Gaming I joinnsense season 3 MelonRanger44 cause if you do i got you If epic is noticing this game is still dying in I guarantee that they will reset the game and not make it go to shit again, 0 wins T-T feels bad man Back when fortnite and fortnite didnt need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to be entertaining 2:36 a grey pump did the max damage of a gold pump 2:35 when gray pump used to deal 200 Can we just take a second to realize only 82 people dropped.

I quited at the end of season 4, 1, but mainly I was mad at him for not taking the purple tac shotgun over the green pump JackTheGreat? Carbon Commando, especially with friends, I didnt play season 8. The burst shoots 3 bullets at a time and each bullet does 20 or more depending on rarity Ive been playing for 3 days by now and its really hard to land with the full automatic, i dont think i will ever enjoy gaming that much ever again This were the times when Fortnite was fun to play Malicious Cheese he was famous before playing other games Paolo it all depends on what we would consider famous Ok paolo we all consider famous the same and fortnite was barely known back then Maybe do something to your name kid, i remember being so hyped about fortnite.

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