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Eh At least you didnt get crashed into by a plain and get 1 tapped by some mythic item Ive been playing since season 4 and ten BUT I still do hate the rep I get becauseÔTHE PEICE OF GARBAGE TOXIC PEOPLE good times OG Season four was the best i loved it so much Man, snap out of I´Şt Imagine fortnite and myth playing a duo Only pc.

Ik thats not rly how u rap ­­­­ Fortnite Epic my internet has been down since last night havent been able to play Fortnite Epic I already have battle pass teir 15 lvl 13 because Im away so I cant play Fortnite Epic Do you make all the stuff Fortnite Epic im in the future so its already season 20 XD Sorry gotta go double G double peace Clipz Salt fortnite am i right btw its mason Clipz Salt me and my friends ­­­­ Hes the king of a giant frickin crater.

Now look at it. this website belongs in the Fortnite HoF for sure. Sniper is the way to on long range, but as someone who played over 10000 matches of H3 and 10000 between Reach and H4 Id say his individual talent is hard to argue against considering how he was always the guy lacking experience in every game he was pro at. No way.

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