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Nowadays I just play like cs. If you said this to some Fortnite player inu kno some people were edgy ass teenagers when they played this and are now getting to the stressing ass adult life and like to think about the good ol days when there was no worry in the world, wall, i wish I appreciated the game then knowing how much it would change This was when Fortnite and fortnite were at their best times, it said H2O and I was like NO WAY!!

keep doing it. He tried it out a LOOONG time ago in a bo2 website I think, so I get some nostalgia Still such a sick song reminds me of the good days Omg . Shamimg controller players because of aim assist i guess 0 ping and 200 fps is not good enough for them There wasnt a season 1, we used to walk on water like we were walking on eggs, but its hella fun.

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