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Watching in season 8 and Im like golden pump does 220 to head and common pump does 220 ­ Epic explain I also say a stack of 10 minis­ Lol I saw a fortnite ad where he got interviewed on how he started streaming fortnite you were the best fortnite player Ive ever seen in the world I didnt play too much Fortniteyoure my favourite rapper!!!!, it just makes me mad because people are upset that they couldnt keep up with the skill gap if you play a game consecutively for a year and you see no improvement.

Plus theres rarely ever such high FPS low ping players in pubs, did research and called themselves OGs Savage Gamer Boyz I dont play on Xbox Yep I miss smoke grenades and the Tommie gun Yep actually season 1 with og skully I played when there was only solos­ 5am season 2 aint og gtfo season 1 is where its at tho Started mid s1 round recon expert came back for the last time in season 1 I was able to cop that then all ch1 battlepasses but I remember no toxicity where people didnt take the game seriously you know I miss those times Its insane how different this game has become?

Why commenting this was post 3 years ago How i do it every day with my friends Lets be honest at least he used inverted commas Landing clocktower brings back memories Yea it was hella fun coming home from middle school Cant believe this game is gonna be 5 years old wtffff :( Theres to much sweats now you cant even enjoy the game no more ­­ I still remember the last day we all played together but didnt realized it would be the last :,) Yep.

I guess i cant compare myself to you since im only an og to battle royale. The escapers Im not a teenager so you just swor to a young girl who is just making sure everyone is fine with their grammar,Im sorry if I upset you!

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