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egg destroyed a squad He does amazing kills and reacts like its nothing Watching this in chapter 2 season 7 and had no idea that grey pumps did 200 freaking damage Watching in man, 1v1 me right now fortnite you not trash you are a pro gamer fortnite hello :-) you are amazing!!!!!. I not say more. Honestly I think everybody sang it well it was a well put together song. No they dont its just so ppl are bad and cant take kill the pros im not saying ur bad Lol not talking shit but it does sound like ur bad but there is a lot of tryhards Tryhard no I dont play that game anymore its getting boring First of all i aint a kid second of all my pc is gona becuz i destroyed it i could play from my friends pc but idk if he gona let me play Rain Fox you only hatin cause you aint him.

But the new fortnite is not the same anymore its just boring thats why I quit its not the same at all I remember watching fortnite he was the best player at the time the sounds and everything from this vid feel so nostalgic rip lol BTW if u read through all of this thank you your the best I dare him to do solo squads now season 6 I miss the fools ok days when people didnt build at 10000mph Eddyislittyy 1738 dont forget about the tac smg.

In Fortnite: Sava the World, so its Virgin-Free, when this song came out, mais gros y a rien a dire fortnite cest LE meilleur joueur mondial, fortnite is still fun but it hits different.

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