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Jeeez so many memories Sadly they destroyed the game after chapter 1 ended Fortnite is now more competitive. Its not race its culture and way of life Yunus emre ├rgen me he is a fucking BEAST Yunus emre ├rgen king,queen, but theyll never be the same as the good old days I remember I watched this over and over again ­ This is lowkey fire bruh.

You may never know when it will end. Of course I still had friends who played so I asked them if they wanna play squads. Imthat was pretty epic Everyone thats worst than me needs to get on my level, R. Im pretty sure he wont be going anywhere negative anytime soon. Its the custom keybinds and easy aiming that makes it superior IAMToXiiiK a Mose it more easier than a controller bro Pc players are the best,PS4 are 2nd and Xbox are the most garbage IAMToXiiiK PC isnt easier.

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