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P Black knight R. Lane garber these days there are hella tryhards whitch makes the game not fun. That isnt fun Aiden Utsey yeah and we were all forced back cuz of corona Looking back at this made me realise fortnite wasnt even that good it was everyone was just crap­­ Bro 47 million views holy crap fortnite was popular I bet he has more kills in fortnite than subscribers!

Fortnits map is so small that all u have to do is get to the center of the circle hide in a cave or bush and wait to the circle to get smaller. Bro I was in 7th grade when I started playing this now Ill be a senior in 8 months i know bro ive played the season1-2 map too but s3 map is more legendary imo, i would play fortnite the whole day, but because of playground and creative people were getting better really fast Creative just allowed ppl to get better in general as soon as creative came out everyone was improving Thats cuz they never got off the game and never got off creative playground was chill but as it changed to creative people did not get offf the game and people played for fun so all the sweats who didnt touch grass became so good it wasnt fun for chill playwrs I eat pancakes For Dinner how can you miss the old fortnite he wasnt even talking much Id rather have him do impressive stuff like this than talk much on his family friendly stream, the old pump was so good, but we can do what we want ­ We probably wont but in a stream a week or so ago fortnite said he wanted the old map back, ter uma mira aimbot.

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