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All just my opinion though I understand you Ive been having fun again on the new chapter its just theres so many glitches on console ttm­ True, there is much more than them having aimbot going on. Anyway, only reason Im watching this is to show a friend how trash this stupid game is, Theres the reaper in the website I commented here only so that the number of conments wasnt 69, coz of bots, everyone wants the REL fortnite back Like bruh.

I remember I was in 5th grade when I heard this now Im in High School Where did the time go. May you all find happiness in life and take everything for granted. Me I was here before this blew up Well I watched it before it blew up PRO GAMER I Was here, but the build is synonymous with controller on any case harder pc but of course has the difficulties with ps4 are easier I play z.

You guys sing really goooooooooooooooood NerdOut. brings old memories.

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