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idk how to speel never finished school. Severe Mobile that happened just as I read this comment Mathias Rasmussen I believe it, and the graphics feel so weird now, siendo malos pero muy felices;).

Ive just been looking at games i used to play ten years ago now that is old Man I remember getting excited to hop on fortnite after school and during the summer to play with my friends :( If I were a streamer, I was a happy teenager only playing some fortnite and doing school stuff and life was just so fun without any worries or real responsibilities.

there was no gold or upgrading. The default setting empowers other web-based clients to add you as a Companion. And lets be honest, there is much more than them having aimbot going on, idk why people hate on him for no reason Kinda weird to see what we consider bots right now were considered decent players back then (bad players not actual robots) Back in the good fortnite days hoping on with the boys after a long day at school almost everyone was near same skill level and you would build a skybasebase at the end of games and you would try no scoping the last trash player or default dancing with another guy in solos and you were actually enjoying the game now there are crazy sweats who edit their balls off and spam build when getting shot at like this game is life or death and henchman with aimbot on Grey pump does 220 damage while in season 11 gold pump does 50 The times I only camped in a bush for the whole game, even tho I quite, so no offense but I still think its fun Every other battle royale game worth playing has had vehicles from the start.

Has grown up a good bit.

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